Privacy Policy

The basics:

The details:

The email address and information you provide will not be sold, rented or loaned to any party outside Long Beach Antique Market or the Collectx family.
No public page displays or provides member email addresses, to prevent outside computers or other people from collecting them.

  1. Your data is used only in aggregate, except:
  2. When you join, an email may be sent to you alone, to insure it was really you who subscribed as a member.
  3. When you unsubscribe, an email is sent to you alone so you will know if someone else has removed you.
  4. If you knowingly choose one of our features that lets other collectors contact you individually.
  5. If we contact you alone regarding a change or problem with your account.

We promise not to contact you for others outside the Collectx family who offer us money, value or securities to do so (i.e. advertising).

We will contact you with news and discount offers of specific interest to collectors who want to learn more about our live events and the products for sale there.
Only messages about antiques and collectibles and where to find them will be sent to our members.


If you elect to publish 3rd party hosted photos on your site or web page using the Collectx G-Photos app, you may be asked by the 3rd party photos provider for permission to share your "Album" and it's contents. Granting your permission may initiate privacy actions by that provider which are outside the control of Collectx. Please refer to the privacy policy of these providers for details.


Contest Rules


  • Welcome!

Submission of your data will subscribe you to the Collectx family of antique and collectible enthusiasts. Our messages will contain instructions for you to easily and permanently remove yourself from our list.

  • Random Drawing

Winners will be drawn from the member database using a random number generation scheme seeded by the microsecond of the server clock at the moment the selection is requested. Winners on social media platforms and email drawings are picked using a random number generation scheme for each drawing.

  • Odds

If held right now, your odds of winning a single drawing are about 1 in 80,000. More people may also join before the drawing actually happens, which will affect your chances. But many single drawings may be held per contest (eg tens or hundreds per month), which will improve your odds of winning.

  • Purchase

No purchase is required to enter the contest, nor is any payment or purchase required of contest winners.

  • Address

Where the prize is tangible, your mailing address may be required so that we can send the prize to you. Let us know if you would like us to retain or dispose of your address for future discount purposes.

  • Eligibility

Employees of Collectx; or their family members are not eligible to win prizes. This contest is valid only for United States citizens residing in municipalities where such contests are legal.